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Love of parachuting and high professional qualities, which united in 2012 a team of engineers, programmers and managers to create modern altimeters.

Taking into account the wishes of parachutists from different fields of training, from classical to acrobatic, as well as using all the experience in parachuting of each member of the team, we are pleased to present you a line of devices.

Which includes both auxiliary audio devices to signal the athlete about the desired height, and devices that include streaming of altitudes in various measurement systems (used in both the EU and the US). As well as a book of jumping records, which records all the parameters necessary for further analysis and study of each jump separately, which allows faster and more efficient training in parachuting and achieve higher results in sports.

Today, specialists continue to study the demand and needs of parachutists for altitude measuring devices, improving and updating both existing devices and developing new ones. Sincerely,
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