Warranty terms and conditions for Skylife devices If a defect has arisen, as a result of faulty manufacture or workmanship defect during the Warranty Period, which is 9 months from date of purchase, the repair is on firm. A repair during the Warranty Period doesn’t extend a term of the Warranty Period.To receive any services under this warranty the customer must send the device to the dealer or directly to Skylife and provide the original proof of purchase (the receipt and the date of purchase).
The warranty does not apply where damage is caused by external factors, servicing of the Product other than by Skylife authorized service center.
The warranty does not apply to any additional claims about damage occurred before or after an unsuccessful jump.
A customer or a user of the device exclude all liability of Skylife in respect of the breakage of the Product occurred before during or after the jump.
When purchasing and using devices of Skylife a customer is obliged to exclude all the claims about any damage occurred before during or after the jump with the device. 
Don’t activate the device less than 1 min before the jump.
If your device acts inadequately or strangely stop using it IMMEDIATELLY and contact Skylife.
Checking at 980 ft altitude (300 meters)At the altitude of 980 ft – 300 m, the device will emit an audible signal