Dennis Broglia video maker
Date of Birth: 31/03/1979
Occupation: Air traffic
Controller Jumps: 2000
Home DZ: Vercelli
Hobby besides skydiving: motorcycles, tennis, reading
Date of first jump: 09/04/1995
Ratings: skydiving instructor, jump master AFF, tandem Pilot
Skydive achievements: italian Head down record 2012 (21 elements)
Cut away: 5
Wind tunnel experience: 25 h
favourite discipline: VFS

Andrea Degortes
Date of birth: 12.01.1988
Occupation: Aeronautical meteo observer
Jumps: more than 2500
Home DZ: Skydive Sardegna
Hobby besides skydiving: diving, crossfit
Date of first jump: 08.08.2005
Ratings: 2th place Italian Freefly champ 2017
Wing tunnel hours: 20 hours
discipline: freefly
Ratings: Instructor AFF, Tandem Instructor

Benedetto Roccotelli
Date of Birth: 11.07.1990
Occupation: Skydive Instructor
Jumps: more than 2000
Home DZ: Skydive sardegna
Hobby besides skydiving: basejump, diving
Date of first jump: 09.09.2010
Ratings: skydiving instructor, tandem Pilot
Skydive achievements: 2th place italian freefly champ 2017
Wind tunnel experience: 20 h favourite
Discipline: freeefly